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War Memorial in Tilbury

Do you have a fallen one who you would like to cherish with a war memorial (for the World War One Centenary)?

We provide a design, manufacture, engraving and lettering service for War Memorials in Tilbury. Our engraved war memorial stones may be linked to a particular world war (WW1, WW2), regiment, profession or trade. We only source the best possible materials that will stand the test of time for others to remember the fallen from conflicts.

The commemoration and remembrance stones we provide can be found inside churches, town halls, memorial halls or places of work and recreational locations throughout Tilbury. We will assist any church, council and war memorial committees find a solution to your needs and requirements. We are here to help you find the best possible solutions for your remembrance tributes for the community in Tilbury.

War Memorial Conservation and Refurbishment Service

There is a natural desire to keep war memorials looking pristine, so we provide a repair, conservation and refurbishment service in Tilbury that will ensure your war memorial is in the best condition it can be as a testament to their continued relevance. We understand there is a delicate balance between maintaining a monument or memorial, while still allowing its age and history to be appreciated.

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We have a dedicated showroom in Chelmsford and have a large selection of stock war memorials and a further selection of brochures and years of experience in assisting personal and unique designs.

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